Opener with Comelit OKAY 2408W/A

Hello all,

I just have Nuki Smartlock 2 since 1 week, and received Opener today. My building has about 10 years, and my Intercom is a Comelit OKAY 2408W/A.

Before I knew exactly which Intercom I had, I searched on Google. I found a reference which was 2402W, and which is fully compatible with Opener. But Once I opened the Intercom today, I realized that my Intercom is a 2408W and not a 2402W… Same design, same apparence, but inside everything changes…

So my question is : can I use Opener or not? I show you some pictures from inside my Intercom. Every help is precious.

Thank You.
Julien from France.

Pictures :

Cannot add because I’m a new user :frowning:

This is inside my intercom

And where the yellow and blue cable goes in is :

L / L / CFP / CFP / A / B

Yellow and blue are in L and L port

Ok folks, because I am stubborn, I tried something, and IT WORKS !!!

In the app, I selected Generic, then BUS Urmett (the last one in the list), and followed the instructions. It was the only one which showed me cables with L1 and L2 (what I mentioned above).

I tried it and… my building’s door opened! Houraaaaa.

So I can tell that Intercom Comelit Okay 2408W/A is fully compatible with Opener !!!

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So you wired exactly as shown in the NUKI app - and all function are working seemless?

Cause I tried as wired in the app - as well as with Generic wiring L2(red+orange) L1 black. Went through all the learning steps… the app jumps step by step after each signal … and asks about door open ?
BUT - no way … the door does not open via the OPENER … never.

I might miss an important step or setup

This worked for my Comelit Okay 2408W/A :slight_smile:

Thanks @Julien !