OPENER with BRIDGE : A serious security breach.

If you use the OPENER with a BRIDGE, it’s impossible to only autorize Bluetooth access to your users. By mistake, a tenant opened the door even though he was not nearby. You can imagine the problem!
For security reasons, users should only be authorized for a Bluetooth connection, and only the administrator would have all the options.

In most usage scenarios the Opener is not mounted within BLE range of the front door. Therefore limiting it to “only within BLE range” does not make much sense.

If your Opener is within BLE range, you could mount a Nuki Keypad. This way tenants would only be able to type in the code when they are nearby.

You have not understood the problem. Example : I have an OPENER that opens a garage door and a BRIDGE that allows remote configuration. With this system the user can open the door when he is next door, but also from anywhere. Danger!

If you have your Opener properly configured as “other Door” you can turn on/off remote access for each user individually:

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I’m in total agreement with “other Door” configuration, but why you have not used the same option for the doorphone mode? For example, a house with a door phone placed a few meters from the front door.
In this setting, You have a security breach.