Opener with BPT Linea Basic YVL 301 (Bus version)

I bought the NUKI opener believing it to be compatible- because my intercom looks identical to one that is. But it turns out, I have the bus version. Anyway, I tried wiring up as the generic bus options and I can’t get it to detect the unlock or doorbell signals (I’m using iOS).

Before I continue, has anyone had any luck setting up a bus BPT system yet? I have no idea why it wouldn’t work- I don’t think the signal is encrypted.

If I can’t get to work, I’m going to attempt to solder to the board to set up as a generic analogue intercom but my knowledge is quite limited. I’ve located the button that unlocks the door and used a bit of trial and error to work out where to touch the blue and purple wires on the back of the circuit board. Before I get the soldering iron out, does this make sense? It seems to give a reliable signal to open the door, it just feels weird that its a random 2 very close bits of solder on the back of the button. And I’m not sure if I should be looking for a different spot to put the GRND wire.

The next problem is (the hidden) ring detection mode. I don’t think I want to suppress the ring but it’d be good if the NUKI could detect when the doorbell is rung so that it can open automatically (I get a lot of parcels at 4:30am that are driving me crazy!)

The loudspeaker is actually the same speaker as in the handset, which is connected with 3 pins to the board. I’ve experimented with connecting straight to the pins with no luck. I had to borrow my friend’s android phone because weirdly this mode isn’t compatible with iOS. Any ideas? It would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I’m close to getting this solved for all BPT bus intercom owners.

I got it working!

Soldered the purple and blue to the back of the button. And the red and black to the handset terminals. Ring detection works too! The only thing that won’t work with this setup is the ring suppression. But I’m happy.

Hi any u in this ?
I have the same intercom. But im not sure how this works
I did not understand where you soldered the blue and purple cables