OPENER with BPT AGATA VC BF 62100430

I own an intercom from bpt, model BPT AGATA VC BF 62100430
has anyone been able to connect the opener to a similar device?
Thank you soo much.

No wires in the bell block, so I think you have a separate bell, and try to short the b-blocks with a wire, when this activates your buzzer for opening, you should be good to go.

Could be a “B” for BUS as well and the Bell is for an external bell ;). Is there more inside of it? Where is the button to open the door?

The button on the opener for buzzer (open door) is at the front of the opener. Shortly explained, the Nuki-Opener works with shortening circuits (buzzer), and recognition of a ring (ring detection) for the ring to open function. You need a gnd (ground) and the knowledge what wire in your intercom is the buzzer. And it doesn’t work with systems, what have to be activated, - for example, some systems only starting working when someone rings or push a button on your intercom, and going to idle afterwards, therfore a Nuki-Opener will not work.

Thank you for your answers.

So I think it’s not possible with opener for this door, too bad!

I found a hack

This product is very interesting, thanks for sharing!

And I am pretty sure that you could get it to work… have you measured if there is any voltage on the “bell block” if somebody rings? If so - that would be the signal for Nuki - and then you would have to open the switch for opening the door and add some longer wire and connect to the Nuki for getting the opening signal out … then you just need to connect it the right way and it should work perfectly fine.