Opener want operate a gate door with BTicino 344082

Hi all,
I just bought a nuki opener, but I cant make it work with my car gate .

I have a BTicino 344082 with only 2 wire (white and blue).

It operates a side door (peoples) and a gate door (car). When pushing the button 6, it opens the car gate and when pushing the key button, it opens the side door.

Normally, as I understand, i need to wire the blue and violet to the BTicino white and blue wires.

For that, I choose the configuration for another door, as I dont have a ring wire. The doorbell has it’s own bell.

I tried the intercom configuration but at thé end of the configuration process, it tells that there is à wire connection mis match ?

with the door gate configuration it goes without poblem but pushing the nuki button or on app does nothing.
I can still use the intercom button.

Thanks for any help.