Opener + Urmet 1132-D005C

Hello everybody,

I’ve been trying to connect the Nuki door opener to my intercom for a few days, unfortunately without success. I’ve already tried selecting the model through the app, but the instructions aren’t very helpful. The first instructions already say that I should take the cable from CA, but I only have the 4 connections (L1, L2, C1, C2) on the intercom.

Urmet 1132-D005C

Hi! When you have a step declared from the app with “ca”, you chose the wrong configuration, because “ca” (call) is just for analogue systems, but yours on the photo is digital, so this cannot work!?

Edit: let me know, if you need assistance!?

Did you manage to connect your Urmet 1132-D005C

@Rose_Languste I need your help please

Ich benötige auch Hilfe bei diesem Teil.
Könnte mir bitte jemand helfen?