Opener - Update don't show up

Hi there,

Today I wanted to update my Smart Lock and Opener. All fine with the Smart Lock. The Update was shown on the right corner of the iPhone App. There should be also a Update for the Opener - 1.4.3. My Opener is at version 1.3.1.

If I search for an update via the iPhone App it says that for my Opener is no new version available. Am I doing anything wrong?

What have I done so far:

  • I reconfigured the Opener
  • I restarted the Bridge
  • I restarted the iPhone

Can anyone help?

The update has been paused. We‘re investigating an issue that has been reported by some customers. It will most likely be resumed tomorrow or on Monday at the latest.

Hi Jürgen,

thank you for your quick reply. That’s ok for me.

Oh, @Juergen witch issue? Is there a potential problem for user who have already installed the update?
Thanks, Alex

I already got 1.4.4 yesterday.
No Problem here.

@Juergen The only strange thing is that a notification is showing updated to Firmware 4.4.0.
In the App itself it’s 1.4.4.

With some specific settings (non default) the Opener could have become unresponsive via BLE after a specific sequence of events. Is fixed with 1.4.4.

Thanks for reporting this. Looks like some sort of string formatting bug.