Opener - Unnecessary notifications

I have a problem, that the opener is sending me push notifications when I exit the area.
But I don’t have any setting, that it is allowed to send me push-notifications on my iPhone.

This is the push notification:

my settings:

also the other settings:

I’ve also tried to delete the opener from my iPhone and add it again.
But I still receive those unnecessary notifications.

And it also make not sense, normally I should receive this message when I enter the area.
And NOT when I exit the area.

I’ve also contact the support of nuki.
But like it is on the nuki company, you have to wait for YEARS for an answer.

So I wanted to ask here, if somebody know, why this is happening?

Detail information about the versions
iOS Version: 14.3
opener version: 1.6.4
nuki app version: 2.7.3