Opener, Time Windows scheduling function

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Nuki opener


Time Windows function scheduling


One should be able to set individual time periods of “Ring to open” function, either on an hourly, daily, weekly or year period.
Setting using the calendar specific periods of start and end when the “Ring to open” function should be active.


A member of the household such as a kid without a phone, just a using a fob to be able to enter the main building when it arrives.


My kid and my wife use fobs to open the smart lock and need a way to open the main entrance of the building without the use of keys.

For regular events you can do this already with the timer function in administration (e.g. activate Ring To Open every Day at 12:00 or activate Continuous Mode every weekday at 8:00 and disable it at 17:00)

Thank you for the reply.
Is it possible to create multiple time frames per day or just one.?
I just want to activate continuous mode on average two or three times per day on specific hours for my kid but also wanting to minimize the number of hours of continuous mode, as anyone can just press the button during that time.

Up to 10 timer and basically unlimited ones if you connect the Opener to IFTTT or a supported home automation system.

May I ask how to connect opener to IFTTT. Nuki smart lock is already connected to IFTTT but I can’t find a way for the opener.
Also, I already connected Nuki smart lock to google assistant and can control it with voice commands but what about opener, is it also possible to control it with google assistant.?

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I am wondering as well :slight_smile:
It looks like the opener does not support IFTTT at the moment. But I am sure it will soon…
@Juergen: I would not mark is as a solution when IFTTT is not working :wink:

I think the way nello has done it is very intuitive and would make really sense to implement it also for Nuki.
Please if possible bring something like this to the opener. :slight_smile: THANKS


Please implement it like Nello has done, this was perfect :slight_smile:


I already asked but as there wasn’t any reply, let me ask again.
How can one connect Nuki opener to IFTTT.?
NUKI lock is already connected to IFTTT.

The IFTTT integration of the Opener is in review by IFTTT and has not been launch yet.

Thanks for the Info :slight_smile:

To be honest, I don’t think we should not rely on IFTTT. This is a functionality Nuki should provide easily accessible in its own app. The way nello implemented it was stellar and I would love to see that in the Nuki app, easily and quickly accessible just like it was in the nello app.


I can on ly support that! Setting non-regular time windows is more than cumbersome. I usually set a permanent access for the whole day and then delete it when not required anymore.
I would love to define windows in a similar as nello did it.

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I also switched from Nello one to Nuki Opener and really miss the easy to set time window option nello was offering. Setting a time window in advance for a delivery service worked like charm was activated and deactivated automatically even when I set it up a day before.
I hope Nuki is offering such a easy solution like nello did as well for the Opener.