Opener SKS HT-3500-1 + Schematics & Pics

Hey Community!

Glad to be here,
I have a nuki opener which I am trying to connect to my analoge buzzer.

The model: SKS 3500-1, 3+n
Type: 800266
(800266 HT3500-1-MS Haustelefon 3+n, mithörgesperrt, mit Rufabsteller)

In general the colors don’t match the nuki ones but I’ve found schematics and added them as a reply here.

Maybe there is someone here who can point me to the right direction.


Any help is much appreciated <3

I’ve found these schematics that seem to be the ones this model is associated with

So I’ve managed to figure it out.

This is the Correct Configuration:
01 - sks stays
02 - none
03 - Nuki purple & Nuki black
03 - sks stays

04 - sks to nuki Clamp
04 - Nuki Green

05 - sks stays
05 - Nuki Blue

Nuki orange and red seem to not matter

hi there, just found your description. My question is. How does your HT3500 normally work? iam at the 8th floor. mine works like this. If someone rings at the building, i pic up the phone and then i can talk to the person. if i pic up the phone and nobody ring before, i can’t listen to nothing. its really necessary somebody rings. is that the same with you?
what installation do you use in the nuke app? ht2500? or anything else.
thanks a lot

Door opening with the app works for me. However door opening after ringing does not work. Any ideas why it is like that? The doorbell is still ringing, so why can’t the opener recognise the ringing?

Did anyone manage to get “ring to open” to work? As mentioned above, opening via app works fine, however, “rint to open” does not work.