Opener - Siedle BTVS 50-03

Hi guys,
I have a similar issue as the user @tcj described. So I will add my 2 cents to my issue.

The starting point:

I’m taking the text of Thoms as it describes exactly the issue:

The intercom does not have to be activated. The open button works whenever I press it at the intercom.

When configuring throug the app the following happens:

pressing the open door button - check
going down to the front door
ring - check
open the door - check
RTO - nothing

So I confirmed anyway that the door has been opened in the last step (even when it has not) to finish the setup and set the delay to 3sec afterwards (as read several times here at the forum). This 3secs really heped

I can now open the door via the App, RTO will work but the notification upkon ringing the bell does not do anything. The Opener reacts with a sound bu does not open the door.
The setup:
Opener updated today (7.2.2021)
Bridge online
App iphone 11

Thnaks for any help