Opener @ Siedle BFSV 850-03 does not work as expected/promised

System: Siedle BFSV 850-03 with terminating resistor
Nuki: Lock 1.0, Opener, Bridge
Installed and connected as instructed by the app
Soft/Firmware versions:

  • Lock 1.10.3
  • Bridge 1.17.1
  • Opener 1.5.3
  • App: 2.6.8 on iPhone 11 iOS 13.7

Installation and setup as instructed by the App - checked several times
Had to confirm that the door has been opened in the last step (even when it has not) to finish the setup and set the delay to 3sec afterwards (is there any solution to avoid this?)
but even than RTO/CM works only once but no more some moments later

And it seems that also ring suppression does not work which makes RTO useless, becaues this will annoy the people being at home.
But let’s solve one problem after the other

Please help

Just this moment someone was ringing but there’s no entry in the protocol and no notification at my phone