Opener seetup not completed. Bridge problem?

I am trying to set up my Opener. but when I go through all the steps (ringing the doorbell, opening with the intercom button) I get stuck at the next step where I have to open the door via the ‘open door’ button in the app. There I get the error: "
To configure the Opener you have to be connected via Bluetooth or Nuki Bridge" and I can not continue the setup. I am next to the opener and the bridge at that time and the bridge was set up previously during installation. When I just quit out of the app and go back in I see that it’s not configured. I can try to do it again via Settings → Features & Configuration → General → Configure Opener, but the results are the same
Yet, when I set it to ‘Auto unlock’ in settings the door will open when pressing the bell, confirming that wiring and signal recognition are good.

When I look in the app (settings → connection status), I do see that the bridge is not online and no matter how many times I set it up this keeps happening.

  • Could it be that the Opener setup isn’t completed because there is something wrong with the bridge?
  • Do other people have issues with the bridge
  • Do you even need the bridge to make the opener work?
  • Are there any other things I can try to make this work?