[Opener] Ritto 7630/x0 Buzzer Button Detected but Opener Cannot Open

Hi there,

during the setup of my Ritto 7630/x0 intercom the press of the buzzer button gets detected by the Nuki Opener. The Opener is also detecting the ring of the doorbell.
However, in the next step of the setup, the Opener is not capable of opening the door, neither through a direct “open” nor through “ring to open”.
I finished the setup anyways and set the delay to 5 s, but this didn’t help either.
The opener is powered over USB.
Here is the original setup of the intercom:

  • red (ritto) on port a
  • black (ritto) on port b

The setup with the opener looks like this (sorry I can only directly attach one image):
Right view
Left view

  • orange (Nuki) and green (Nuki) on port a
  • black (Nuki) and black (ritto) on port b
  • red (ritto) on clamp left
  • yellow (Nuki) and red (Nuki) on right clamp

The Opener is on firmware version 1.10.1
I configured the opener with:
Manufacturer: Ritto
Model: 7630/x0

Is there a way to access the code of the Opener/Try a custom firmware on the Opener?
Or do you have any other suggestions to adress this issue?

All the Best