Opener rings on neighbors doorbells


So I recently installed my opener onto my Elvox art 870/837 and it seemed to be working well up to now, but over the past few days I’ve noticed that it has been ringing as if someone has pressed my apartment doorbell even when it was my neighbors button being pressed.

I’m not sure if this is an issue with my intercom system specifically, or if there is something wrong in my app settings.

Thanks for any guidance or input!

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Still looking for help on this matter.

I have been able to diagnose that the opener seems to detect rings on other doorbells as well as when the entrance door is being buzzed by my neighbors.

I’m not sure if this is a configuration error therefore, as the wiring was followed as the app instructed.

Thanks again!

I do have the same problem with an ELCOM HAT-802. Nuki support said that it’s an error in the Opener Firmware but unfortunately it wasn’t fixed yet (I reported it around 2 months ago)

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Thanks for the reply. Good to hear it’s a known issue, so hopefully a firmware fix will be in a future update soon.


I’ve the same issue with a bticino system. As we have a lot of people entering the building it get around 10-15 push notifs during the day which is very annoying. already opened a support ticket and sent a couple of logs over but no solution as today.

Hope this gets solved quickly. I currently can’t trust the push notification.

BG Christoph

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@Georg_S is there anything I can do to help fix the issue? I have a Multimeter I can use…

Bticino users can get in contact with support, as this can be fixed remotely - or wait for the upcoming firmware beta/release. For the analog 1+n users, it is still not 100% clear what causes this issue.

I experience the same behaviour on my Fermax 3319, which has the same cabeling linke the 3311.
Is there any information if it’s already known for Fermax?
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Any news about this?
I’ve the same problem with an Elvox Art 6220/a.