Opener ring sound issue when not connected

Hello Nuki dev. team and community.

I encounter a reproducible issue, that I had after installing my Opener (miraculously solved by a hardware replacement), and that reappeared when updating to firmware v1.10.1:

My Opener is standalone (I have no bridge, no smart lock…), is connected to an Urmet 1150 intercom (which was a replacement of another home unit type, because the original Urmet 1130/12 reference no more exist).
The opener configures well, works well (producing sounds when pushing the button, opening the door, detecting ring when looking the history log, …) but it does not produce a ring sound when someone rings.
My Opener settings are configured to produce a sound (maximum volume) when someone rings… but it does not work.

As explained, this issue was solved 2 years ago by replacing the module (after lot of tryes and tests), but reappeared after this last firmware update.

But I suspect the issue not being an hardware issue but a software bug, because:

  • the log history displays correctly that a ring happen at the correct time (so what would prevent it to produce the sound ?)
  • when I press the interphone ring button at the building front door (I’m ou of Opener Bluetooth range), the opener does not produce sound (the issue we speak here), but when coming back to my house and opening the Nuki app, immediately the Opener produce the ring sound (while I touched nothing else) ! As if the connection of the smartphone to the Opener would unblock the ring sound blocked and delayed somewhere in the opener software until that event occurs.

If you know a workaround…
Else please, fix this bug quickly, since I bought this Opener specifically for replacing my interphone low ring sound.