Opener Problems with ELCOM HT-802E?

I bought the opener and installed it with my ELCOM HT-802E. When the red cable is inserted in the according intercom-connectors, the opener doesn’t recognize a ring. When I unplug the cable and put it into the clamp together with the yellow cable, it works but I do also get false rings when nobody is actually ringing the door. Also doorbell ring suppression doesn’t work, when activated the doorbell rings inconstantly - like it would have a loose connection. Any help?
The picture attached is the wiring when the red cable was still connected to the intercom.

Did you find a solution? My Intercom looks almost the same (minor color difference of the cables and board). I can share a picture of mine with the opener attached which works fine so far.

No, unfortunately I didn’t find a solution and support takes over 3 days for replies :(. Yes, that would be really nice if you can post a picture! Thank you!

Ok two Pictures. The first one is the “before”:

You see three cables. Yellow at the top, white in the middle, black at the bottom.

Now the “after”

The original black (bottom) one goes into the the green thingy(I don’t remeber what it was called)
On the other side of the green thingy goes the yellow cable from the opener
The original yellow (top) remains untouched.
The original white in the middle remains where it is and gets company from the red, purple and orange/brown from the opener. It gets really tight there so be sure all cables are in there.
The black, light blue and dark blue cables from the opener go into the bottom hole where the original black cable was.

Thank you very much. I have connected it exactly the same way and just double checked it is right but unfortunately it doesn’t work. Official support takes 3-4 days for misleading answers, very frustrating situation and very disappointed with the way Nuki treats their customers.