Opener only works with opened app


I have a Nuki Smart Lock and a Nuki Opener. The Smart Lock works without any problem. Unfortunality, the Opener not. I have the following problem:
When I come in the near of my House, I get the following message: You are at the near of „Door“. It will open when you ring. But when I ring, nothing happens. It works only, when I open the main screen of the NUKI-App before I ring. The App is installed on an iPhone.

Does anybody has a solution for this? I already tried:

  • Set the delay of the buzzer higher
  • Set the Geofence radius higer
  • Let the app open in background
  • Change the wiring to the minimum

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Could be, a Bluetooth issue, try to reconnect your nuki-bridge with the lock again!

This is exactly my problem. Reconnect do not help.