Opener on Siegenia KFV60-24-1

I am looking for a solution how to controll our new door with electronic lock. Unfortunately we did not integrated the Nuki Button so now I hope for a workaround.
The lock is driven by the Siegenia KFV60-24-1 AC-DC.
The idea is to use the Nuki Opener to act as a switch for the lock and the Keypad 2 for access.

Is this a suitable solution?

Hi Huck,

this will work. Just use the Opener with blue and purple cable. You can configure the Opner as Gate. Which KFV Lock do you have? Is an input signal available? KFV60-24-1 AC-DC is the power unit.

best regards

This is great, thank you Marcel. What ist the switch based on? Relay or MOSFET?
Is it then possible to configure the duration of the impulse if necessary?
Is it possible to attached the opener to a permanent USB power supply?
Unfortunately I don’t have the specific lock model, I will try to find out.

Is the integration as simple as the schematics?

Dear Huck,

the Opener has a solid state relay bases on FETs. Please change wiring according the scatch in the App. (change blue with purple).

24V from KFV supply → blue cable of Opener
Green cable (Öffnungsimpuls +24V) → purple cable of Opener

yes you can change the closing time in the App. Default is 3 sec.

USB supply for the Opener is fine.

best regards

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Thanks, worked great, the opener now controls the main door via the Keypad 2.0. No bridge needed as the distance between the two devices is only 2 m.