Opener on a URMET 1132 :)

Hi again! Very sorry for the delay, but it was very late yesterday where I am, and so I slept in, very sorry! As next please take out both wires on the “ca” screw of the intercom, and try to ring, if it’s right, the bell will not work but the other functions (opening) should still work. Please try, and get back here.

No need to excuse. I still consider myself lucky to get your help :slight_smile:

That’s verified now. I won’t be able to do any more about it before in 4 hours or so, so need to hurry up replying.

I have an extra question: Would you advice against taking power for the Nuki box from the intercom? I haven’t checked if there is enough voltage anywhere but I believe I have a small thingy that takes 5-12v as input and convert to USB power so I considered using that. I know battery power is the easy solution but I’d prefer it to have constant power that doesn’t run out.


Perfect! Just write here, when done! Take your time!

Sorry, maybe I didn’t make myself clear enough in my previous post. I have verified what you asked me to so I am ready for the next step.

You have already tested “ca”, - that only the bell doesn’t work anymore, when the wires on “ca” are disconnected, but opening keeps working!?

Yes. I did already test ‘ca’. It works as you describe.

Ok. Then we know all we need, and are beginning the wiring now! Please dont connect the opener when wiring, - do wiring first and connect then just after finish wiring the plug of the ribbon cable to the opener! Please take the blue opener wire and screw it to 9, together with the wire what is already there, now take the purple opener wire and screw it to 6 (i think it’s 6, i dont see the number on the Foto, but it’s the one, what is left of 10 what you marked on the foto), now unscrew both wires on ca and put them together in one port of the two-port-nuki-clamp (what comes with the opener), now put the yellow opener wire in the second port of the nuki-clamp, now screw the green opener wire to ca, wiring finish! Now connect the ribbon cable to the opener (please look that the plug is straight and tight in the opener, because just slightly crooked and the opener gets errors), now start up the opener and open the nuki app, now connect the opener to the app and start the configuration, and choose generic analogue as intercom, when the app asks you for this, now go through the steps the app shows you, and finish the configuration. Now try if all works! Please let me know, how it goes!

Cool. Thanks for the instructions. It works :slight_smile: I can open the door from the app and all is fine. I only have a few questions: The first time I was trying to set up the opener in the app I selected Urmet 1132 as my system and in those descriptions I also asks me to connect the yellow and the red wire on the ribbon cable. Why don’t I need that?

And another thing: Would it be possible to use whatever voltage is available in the intercom to power the opener if I get it converted to a USB plug with power somehow?

Thanks a lot - it’s really been a great help!

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For point-1, - surely you mean ORANGE and red wire, because yellow we used already in the clamp, and these two wires would have been for the very cool functionality of talking and hearing to the intercom over the nuki app, so that you would can even talk with a visitor over the intercom over your smartphone, when not at home, but unfortunately nuki never made it, and in the meantime they say, it will mostly never come, - so on analogue systems you dont need these two wires at all, and on digital systems, they use this two wires now for more wiring possibilities, and only there you need them sometimes, - so you can forget them.

For point-2, - whatever voltage not, but when you can get a stable current, same as a usb-charger has, then yes you can do this.

Glad I could help you here, have fun! If you have questions in the future, don’t hesitate to ask me again!

Thanks for your help now. I see now that there is a lot of help in the app AFTER you choose to setup the opener. That flow doesn’t make sense to me as I would prefer setting everything up physically before trying to configure the opener…

Anyway, the only problem right now is that I don’t get a notification on my iphone when someone is pushing the doorbell. There is an event logged, the app has permissions to send notifications - yet it doesn’t. That’s a bit of a bummer. Luckily I decided to search for that in the forum and found a solution for that. So now I am just waiting to test that.

Next step is to set up Home Assistant and some kind of blinkenlights so I won’t miss then someone rings the doorbell while listening to loud music with headphones on (I work from home and do this a lot…)

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Glad to help! Yes it would be better to get informations from the app BEFORE setup! For the notifications, you have to activate them as you want, because you can choose what notifications you get (when ringing, when opening, and so on), and you can do this in the app, choose the opener, and then you get some menus where you can do this! For the blinking, you can do this very easy with philips hue and ifttt, - ifttt has very much good possibilities with the opener, what I use daily, - but I have also nuki locks, and need some automation, - for example when I come home and enter the Geofence, the nuki opener activates automatically ring to open, and when I ring and the opener opens the main door, I use this as ifttt trigger, to unlock the locks, so that the door is unlocked when I get out of the elevator, and have just to go in, and when I close the door, it locks automatically and ring to open will be deactivated, - or for automatically turn on/of lights and tv when coming home or going away from home, its very convenient! Have fun!

Thanks. Yes I found out about the notifications. Very pleased to find out that nothing mechanical was wrong.

Yes, I know about ifttt but my plan was to set up Home Assistant instead. Always been looking for an excuse to install it - now I have it. I am sure I’ll have fun.