Opener notifications on 2 different iPhones?


is it possible to get notifications from one Opener on 2 different iPhones?
When I want to enable notifications on second smartphone, I should login with Nuki Web, but then the App says, that already a different account is used for that opener. So what should I do in that case?

I came across the same problem this week. Curious to see if there is a solution.

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Should be possible, when you add a user with administrator rights on both phones!?

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Administrator rights = “allow locking” for that user?

Sorry mistake! You have to install the nuki app on both phones, and login on both phones with the same account, and then turn on the notifications in the nuki app also on both phones, now you should get the same nuki notifications on both phones!

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Thank you, that way it worked now!

@mensa If you want to use separate accounts on both phones for the same device(s) you can also use sub-accounts (see - just make sure to leave at least the rights for seeing devices and notifications there!)

Thank you! May I create that sub account in the aap?

No, this is not part of the Nuki App (which only runs locally) but part of Nuki Web (data stored server side), so you have to set it up there.