Opener: Notification/reaction for different ring tones

My opener is connected to a Siedle BTSV 850-03. There are different ring tones for the main door and the door to my apartment, which I have no way to configure or change.
I configured the opener to react to the ringtone to the main door.
However, the opener does not react to the (different) ringtone for my apartment.

Is there a way to configure the opener that it also notifies me of the second ring tone? If not, please add the detection and notification of secondary ring tones.


The apartment doorbell switches are often wired directly to your internal intercom unit as analogue signals.
So the communication is not through the bus where the Opener listens.

You are correct, I checked and there are two wires directly connected from the switch to ETb/ERT in the BTSV.
Is there any other way to send that signal to the opener?