Opener Mic and Speaker Cables

Hello, what are the two cables Mic and Speaker for in an analog wiring?

Does the opener have a microphone and can it replace the existing microphone on the bell when the cable is connected?

Is it possible to replace the original loudspeaker with the speaker cable?

Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything about it so I hope that you can tell me something about it?

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This would allow the Opener to listen & talk, but it’s not available in the current firmware.

No, the Opener does not have a microphone and can therefore not replace the existing microphone.

Yes. The Opener can play a sound when somebody rings (but not with the same volume as an external, bigger bell).

Hi Jürgen,

your answers are interesting but not clear. You write hte Opener may listen&talk but you also say that there is no mirophone. Can you please specify?

Very interesting improvements coming up!!

The Opener itself does not have a microphone, but a Smartphone has both a microphone & a loudspeaker and a connection to the Opener …


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Hello Jürgen, many thanks for your support.

I’m just about to hook up both. I’m curious if this will work with the loudspeaker because I don’t want to connect the original loudspeaker anymore and only want to have it ringing and ton through the opener.

Do I currently have a chance to test the microphone connection?

Hello Jürgen, I need again your advice.

I have connected the red and black cable from the opener to the speaker output of the Gira ring. Where the original speaker was connected. If someone rang the bell, I can’t hear what they’re saying. Shouldn’t the speech sound be output via the opener?

As i wrote above, this is currently not available in the firmware. You can (currently) not replace your intercoms loudspeaker or mic with the Nuki Opener.

Hello Jürgen, thanks for the answer. I have misunderstood you and have assumed that the loudspeaker can already take over the voice output technically/analogue.
Without the firmware being adapted for an app solution.

But after my tests I suspected what you have confirmed today.

But that’s not too bad, I have now everything ready on my Gira bell for a future functional expansion of the opener and look forward to your update sometime.

You say “currently” Will it support listen & talk functionality anytime soon? I’d buy this product for sure if I could use it for listening, talk and open the street door from my attic!


Do you have some updates on it? I’m also trying to find some solution to replace my legacy intercom with some smart solution and I want to have the ability to talk & listen & open the door through my iPhone.


When I first read this I got really excited about the potential upcoming firmware update. Then I noticed that it was announced on 2020 and realized this is quite stall.

Are there any plans to release this feature?


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Is there any future plans to include Mic and speaker in the configuration?
When I installed my new opener, it ignored these 2 wires.

Are there any updates on the Voice topic?

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I’m interested too

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@Juergen Hi Jürgen any news about the intercom Voice Feature?

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Currently this feature is not available. I can’t share anything about potential future plans as we do not comment about our roadmap here in the forum.

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Now in 2024 :slight_smile:

Any lights on that feature?

I’m interested too I’m in the same case, I think they will never implement this feature, the best solution is to sell your Nuki Opener and buy a Ring Intercom. I’ve already buy mine, I will install it in replacement of that unfinished product

My problem with Ring is that it doesn’t have local APIs defined… I saw some hacks, but the local APIs for control and callbacks via the Bridge is essential for me :frowning: