[opener] Introduce threshold for ring signal

Product name

nuki opener


I want to set a threshold (time and or current) for the ring signal as some doorphones are broken and have leakage current.


Set a minimal duration, voltage or current of ring signal (i don’t know what fits best) to suppress false alarm introduced by ring signal for my neighbors. Once the threshold is set the visitor has to ring at least X ms to trigger actions.


Currently I’m living in an old building with a very old doorphone (siedle 6+n). If someone rings the bell for my neighbors I get a very short ring signal aswell (compared to true signals for myself). I want to suppress that false alarm introduced by leakage current or crosstalk.


admin -> advanced -> set ring-threshold:

  • 0 ms (default)
  • 10 ms
  • 25 ms
  • 50 ms
  • 100 ms
  • 200 ms
  • 500 ms