Opener installation - Fermax

I would like to install Opener for my Fermax intercom. Plastics look like Fermax Citymax basic or 80447. When I follow the instructions in the app, I find these problems:

  • I am asked to disconnect wire form position 4 - but there is no wire in this position
  • when I click on “No ring wire” I get schema where some opener wires are supposed to be connected to empty positions 3 and 4.
    Photo of inside of the intercom find below.
    Could you help me?

New wiring schema from nuki app

That’s Fermax 24517, while not oficially supported it’s interchangeable with Fermax 3390 so use configuration for that.

Yes, you are right, thanks a lot.
Although intercom from outside looks like 80447, it is 24517. I also found it out when I was googling during the weekend and found photos of inside of the intercom here on the forum.
So I used profile VDS BASIC LOFT TELEPHONE and it works.

Maybe one more thing - I tested the functionality and it looks ok except one thing - suppression of intercom ringing. Although I have this functionality activated, intercom rings.
Do you have any idea where the problem could be?

I never managed to get it working either.

Pity, that would be very usefull.
I will try to ask official Nuki support.

I got asnwer from NUKI support regarding ring suppression:

As per the ring suppression, it is sadly a function that we simply cannot guarantee for this type of installation.
We appreciate your understanding!

But during the usage I found another issue - Opener notifications do not work for me.
I use iOS app that does not send me notifications for intercom ringing although they are successfully stored in the app log. For Smart Lock within the same app notifications work fine.
Do you have any idea where the problem could be?

I just got instructions how to solve notification problem. And it works, so it can be helpful for someone else also:

  • For the notification, in that case please reset the push notifications. To do so you need to disconnect your device from Nuki Web and reconnect it afterwards.

Choose your device in Nuki Web and click on the menu (three dots) in the top right corner. Here you click on Delete .
After that please open your Nuki App and go to Features & Configuration - Manage Nuki Web to reconnect the device with your Nuki Web account.
In the next step you can reactivate the notifications you want to receive under Manage notifications .

Or you can disable all notifications under Manage notifications and close this menu to save the configurations. Then you reopen Manage notifications to reactivate the notifications you want.*