Opener fully compatible with Ritto 6111 (including ring detection/suppression)

Dear Nuki Team and Community,

yesterday I have successfully connected my Opener (FW 1.4.4) to our Ritto 6111 door system (a pretty old 4 wire analogue system). After studying the available schematics from Ritto and Nuki, I connected the System as follows:

Ritto - Nuki - Comment

1 - Purple (GND) - common ground of door opener and ring signal (0V)
3 - Blue (OPEN) - door opener signal (50V)
formerly 4/D cable - Yellow (RING DETECT INPUT)


  • We are not using the 4/D pin at all because of the horrible sound. Instead, we have connected a triad gong between “1” and the cable formerly connected to 4/D, now the green one from Nuki. But it should work as written above!
  • Once you press a door station button after a ring came in, the Nuki will not work anymore as the door station will be in another mode. Wait until you opened the door using the door station opener button, then Nuki can take over control again
  • The opener works with the ring signal coming from downstairs, the “horrible” ring sound. It does not detect the slightly nicer “Tonruf” signal from the ring button next to your apartment door. It’s the nicer signal, but maybe too weak. Doesn’t matter as I want to open the building door downstairs.

So the Ritto 6111 can now be added to the compatibility list with the cabling schema from above.


IMG_5844 IMG_5846IMG_5847


Dear Nuki-Team,

I can confirm the configuration from above for my RITTO 6110:

1 - Purple
3 - Blue
4/D - Green
formerly 4/D cable connected with Yellow by the clamp

The opener works as expected with and without ring suppression.


@kic68 : Kic, Do you have a manual for your Ritto 6111 that we could kindly ask you to share, at least temporarily?

Hey Al Ma,
if I had one I would happily share - but I don’t (moved out of that house meanwhile). But on the Ritto web site they offer tons of downloads and in one of the PDF collections there was an electrical diagram of the 6111. The file is not explicitly named 6111, “our” system is just one page of the many other older systems Ritto sold in the past.

@kic68 I meant a user’s manual (and not an installer’s manual).