Opener for Urmet 1133/15 - permanently opening the door

I have a problem with the installation of the Nuki Opener for the intercom Urmet model 1133/15.

To summarise, I connected all the Nuki coloured cables to the port of the intercom, but when I then connect the Nuki cables to the Opener, the door downstairs keeps receiving an endless “opening” signal.

I closely followed the instructions to connect the Nuki coloured cables to the intercom port (see picture):

Blue cable : 9
Purple and black: 6
Orange: 2
Red: 1
Green: CA
Yellow: inserted into the Nuki clamp.

I did not touch the original intercom cables, except the one that was in the CA hole, which is now in the other hole of the Nuki clamp, as instructed in the Nuki guidelines.

Additional info:

  • I do not have a Nuki bridge.
  • I sent an email to the Nuki support yesterday but they have not replied yet.

Thank you in advance for your help!