Opener external Power Supply, Micro USB A or B?

Micro USB A, I find often only Micro USB B. Where can I find it?

The hotline told me, it is micro usb A. Now I got an adapter and see, it is Micro USB B … I’m far away from the apartment where I have the opener. I would be nice to put the right information in the website.

Nuki Help says “micro USB” for the port on the Opener. Depending on your charger you most likely need a micro USB to USB-A cable.

Thank you, but that was not the question. Micro USB hat two versions, A and B, and the hotline said MIcro USB A (rectangle form, which ist incorrect), it is Micro USB B (trapezoidal form).

Nuki Opener uses USB Micro-B.

(I don’t think I have seen anything with a Micro-A port in the last 10 years. So it is best to assume that Micro USB means Micro-B in everyday language)

Well, I didnt know that, when I dont know something I ask. I asked and the hotline said “Micro A”. It was very difficult to find this type. A lot of extra work and time for wrong information.