Opener external door bell

Hey guys,

as the Opener is driving me crazy right now, there is maybe someone to help here.

If I connect the Opener with the basic wiring (from Opener Purple=Ground, Blue=Buzzer +, Yellow=Bell) the Opener recognizing rings every few seconds. If I wire Yellow to the Black and Brown cable of the Bell it’s only every few minutes but also not recognizing the ring.

I found in some post of @Rose_Languste the configuration Green = Black Bell and Yellow = Brown still every 30 seconds a ring logged.

With the support I reconfigured the cables to Yellow/Red = Blue of the Buttons, Green = Blue of the Bell and Black = Black/Brown of the Bell. Worked fine but the Bell didn’t make “ding dong” anymore, just “dong” :smiley:.

Funfact, ring suppression doesn’t work if I attach Yellow = Blue of buttons and Green = Blue of bell, its just ringing through. If I understood it correctly Green should be without power if ring suppression is activated.