Opener + elettric lock

hi i have a question for you.
I would have liked to buy a smart lock 3.0 but my armored door is not compatible.

The door manufacturer suggested that I install an electric lock that can be opened with a dry contact.

Now my question is… can I install an opener (setted as another door) and combine it with a keypad 2.0 and a bridge having the same smart functions/features as a smart lock? Or am I limited in the settings?

Thank you

You can use the full functionality of Keypad 2.0.

The Opener itself will only be able to unlock the door. Therefore you do not have the same featureset as the Smart Lock has (e.g. Auto-Lock, Lock’N’Go, …).

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Ok Thank you

my door has a particular lock that closes automatically even now with the manual lock

Hello Davide,

I have just moved from an old Nuki smart lock to an electrical 3 point lock that was installed in my door and open it via the Nuki opener. I don’t use a keypad but that is definitely supported. My icing on the cake is that I can open my door with one push on my “action button” on my apple wacht ultra, when auto unlock is unavailable because of not going outside of the “auto unlock geofence”. F.e. when I go to my garage, neighbour or bringing waste bags to the container etc.

I have installed the power supply for the lock 12v and the Nuki 5v on a din rail and configured the nuki opener for “other door” (i think its called) and connected the flat cable to my lock and power-supply per a Nuki diagram. It works flawless. Highly recommended.

the lock i used: