Opener: Difference between Ring to Open and Smart Action (Auto Unlock)

When configuring the opener I can Activate Auto Unlock (Opens the door when you ring). Additional Options are the Geofence, how long it’s active and so on. Additionally in the Device settings (where you need the pin) you can activate ring to open with options to deactivate it after a certain time and after the first ring.

Can you specify how the two options work together especially as you can specify timeframes in both options?

  1. You’re digging in expert settings of the Auto Unlock feature. This is not needed for normal operation, therefore you better not touch this.
  2. The Auto Unlock settings determine what YOUR smartphone sends to the Opener and when. E.g. if you set the geofence to 100m, the “activate Ring to Open” command will be sent from your smartphone to the Opener when you enter a radius of 100m of the Openers location. All other settings in expert settings are not relevant for the Opener. Other users (e.g. your wife) might have other Auto Unlock settings or not use it at all.
  3. With the Ring to Open settings in the Openers administration you determine what should happen when ANY user of the Opener sends the “activate Ring to Open” command or activates Ring to Open by pushing the button on the Opener 1x. E.g. if you set the timeout to 20min, the activation of Ring to Open will expire after 20min.

H8 thanks for your reply it clarifies a lot.