Opener detects open as ring signal, but not the ring signal itself?

Hello! I have a analogue system urmet1133/15 with 5-wires and a external bell. I wired all on plan, but it doesn’t work right, the opener always detects a door-opening-signal as it should, but in the same time it detects the same signal as a ring, and the Real ring signal is not detected at all!? Please help! Thanks!

I am curios if you will get any reply. My opener behaves the same on the open signal, it detects a ring too. Luckily it detects a ring on the ring signal, so I am not too bothered by this. But this means I cannot use continuous mode, as it will generate an infinite loop.

Funny fact: when any of my neighbors open the door, my opener detects that as a ring too.

For my case my conclusion was that the intercom wiring is bad in my building, they likely inverted the cables for ground and signal for the open circuit, so it somehow feeds back into the ring.

I recommend checking your wiring with a multimeter in case you didn’t do this already.

I have found the issue and was able to solve it myself. The only issue was, that I wired the opener with the “+” of my bell, and that cannot work, because every switch in the system would then activate the ring detection of the opener when active (what it have), and of course it have to be on the “-” of the bell, for that the circuit will only closed when ringing the bell, and since I changed the wiring from “+” to “-” it works without issue, and with the full functionality of the opener.