Opener delay

Hey guys!
I need your help. I tried the custom service but they unable to say anything.

I have multiple relays that simply closing the circuit. They are fast. when I press the Nuki Opener’s button I need to wait 3 sec to open. THe led blinks 3 time then the 3rd opens the door. Why is that? Im just pressing a button on the device itself.
When Im using Keypad it also take 3 seconds to open the door however this time it blinks only 2 times.
Is there any way to turn off this blinking and open the door immediately I press the Opener’s button? Or this delaying is a unique feature?

The customer service showed me a row in the app ‘Opener delay’ but I have not this option in my app… (latest framework latest app version)

Thanks for your help!

Nuki app - opener - administration - 4th entry from the top, is the delay, and I have set it also to 0seconds for immediate opening.

I don’t have this option

Have you connected the ring wires for functions like ring to open? Because there are several entries missing on your screenshot, and that’s just when something is not setup!

Yes everything is connected. I also readded it to Ring to open. And its still the same issue…

On your screenshot are all 4 entries for ring to open missing? Where have you setup ring to open?

I followed the instructions in my Nuki app. I dont know if there would be any other way to install this. I selected a gate opener and doing everything how it described it… May I need to delete the app and reinstall it?

Not delete, but I think you have to setup it up fresh.

I did with a completely new one (I have two opener now…) same issue… I think we dont have this function

Can you enable or disable any ring function anywhere in the app?