Opener - connection to Tesla Stropkov ELEGANT 4+n 4FP 211 01.201

Hello, please can you help me with the identification of the intercom and provide some guidance for the setup of the Nuki Opener?

It seems like some Tesla model which should be not compatible but it seems that there might be some options to connect the Opener anyway. Should I follow the general analog setup or is there some better way?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Hi! You can try this procedure to find out if the opener would run in a analogue setup, for digital systems you can just try! For the analogue try, - take a short isolated wire and take off some isolation of both ends, now hold one end of the wire on a screw and the other end to a other screw, when now the opening mechanism goes active when you connect the screws with the wire, you found the right two and it should work, if not, try all other screws in all constellations to find the right two screws, where the opening mechanism goes active when you connect them with the wire, if this doesn’t work at all with no screws then you know at least that your intercom is digital or hybrid and not analogue, what takes a hole other wiring scheme to try.

Thanks for the tip. I will be trying to connect the Opener later this week.

Meantime, I found out that the intercom is most probably the Tesla Stropkov ELEGANT 4+n 4FP 211 01.201. Based on the manual there is following description of the terminals:

“1” - EZ connection ( electronic lock terminal)
“2” - output to EV speaker amplifier ( microphone circuit of the intercom )
“3” - connects to the “-” terminal on the SN (main power supply) - ( common point for all functions )
“4” - ring signal input
“6” - input from the EV microphone amplifier ( headphone circuit of the intercom )
“7” - used to activate the tipping circuit or as a talk signal

See the following electronic scheme:

I would be thankful for any further tips for the connection. Thank you.

Just the update - I have connected the Opener using General Analog setup following the above posted description of the intercom terminals.

Opening works well, but the Opener is not registering the ring signal. I will try to make some tests to confirm if the terminal 4 is really for the ring tone.

I have made also the firmware update to the latest one, so I will try to setup the Opener again to confirm if there will be any change.

In case you will have any suggestions, please let me know.

Hi! Have you got it to work fully?

Hi Ondřej, did you got it to work at the end or not?

Our landlord will replace our old (analogue) intercom with new digital one - exactly this model: Tesla ELEGANT 2BUS – 4FP 211 03,201 and am aware if we can work it out with the NUKI Opener.

Thanks for any thoughts about how did your system ended up.

Also happy to talk about it in Czech in case its easier for you - as I assume we are both from Czech Republic?

Hi just as an update: I have found out that unfortunately, the ring signal is not going to my intercom at all - the ringing is done by external ring (same as for the doors to my flat). So in my specific case, it will not be possible to make it fully functional (open to ring and intercom). But I believe that in case the wiring will be done properly, it will be working.

Hello, I will be installing the opener on this type of intercom next week, and I would like to ask if you’d share the scheme, or complete pic how you have connected the opener. I have only based skills and I am not familiar with the markings on he circuit or what means what. I suspect I will have a similar problem with the ring signal, as it is not working now and I couldn’t figure out why. The opening function however works. Also, I am happy to talk to you in Slovak or Czech, it might be easier to understand the connection procedure if you will be so kind to share it.
Thank you!

Hey guys, how did you connect it in the end?
Is it just “nuki blue cable (open)” → “tesla 1” and that’s enough for unlocking?

I don’t need speaker or anything… i just want to be able to open door via phone so i don’t need to carry key or tag with me…