Opener connection to IFTTT, Google assistant

  1. How can I connect Opener to IFTTT?
    2.How can I connect Opener to Google assistant? What are the available commands.
    Smart lock is already connected to both.

The Opener should be added to the same Nuki Web account as the Smart Lock. If it still doesn’t show up in the Google Home App you may have to reconnect Nuki Smart Home.
The Opener knows the same commands (with same wording) as the Smart Lock, where unlock will trigger open (if capable; else Ring to open) [= entering without key possible] and lock will automatically end running Ring to Open and Continuous Mode [= entering without key not possible].
And you can check for the state to see if RTO or CM is running. [= “unlocked”]

EDIT: IFTTT integration is not available yet (in review).

Thank you, reconnecting Nuki to Google Home did the trick.
Just to see if I understood right.

  1. OK Google, open “opener” = unlocks the door via opener
  2. OK Google, …?.. “opener” = activates RTO
  3. OK Google, lock “opener” = deactivates RTO and CM modes
  4. OK Google, what is the state of “opener” = reply with the RTO and CM status.
    “Opener”, the name Opener that was given.
    Please clarify as to the exact wording for command #2, I have tried the rest successfully. In other words, the required wording related to RTO, and CM activation.

No, we use the Google Smart Home Defaults° for a door lock, which can by definition do:

Command (Google Assistant wording) Smart Lock action (Nuki wording) Opener action (Nuki wording)
unlock unlock / unlatch (based on handle setting) open / RTO (based on capabilities)
lock lock switch of RTO and CM

(And, sorry, I mixed the state up with Alexa, where this is possible.)

Also note that depending on the language used certain keywords like “open” can be reserved for other Smart Home devices and can not replace “unlock”.

°Standard integration may be restricted in possible commands but allows deeper integration in current and future Google/Nest products and flows.