Opener configuration with 2 wires Tonna

Hi Guys,
I would like to setup an opener with my TONNA intercom. It’s only 2 wires so I don’t know if I can manage to do it.
Any feedback?
I can’t find TONNA brand in the compatibility list but I read some of you managed to set it up with a 2 wires device.
Thanks for your help

Just for info, S2 contact is to push to open the door

Choose generic bus, and follow the wiring tutorial what the app gives you, and take gnd as “-” and the other I can’t read from the Foto take as “+”.

Thanks so much, I’ll try that and provide feedback.


Hi, did it work ? I have the same problem but I cant make it work, do you have a picture of the actual setup please ?

Hi Pacal,
Unfortunately, I have tried many way and it didn’t work at all.
I sent back everything to Nuki :frowning:
Good luck

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Here is my tonna interphone I tried different connexions but it did not work, does anyone know how to connect the opener ?Thanks

Thanks did you find another solution to open the door ?

Unfortunately not so far :frowning:

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Hi Pascal. Did you find a solution with this Tonna interphone ? I have the same like you and i need to connect to the opener. Thank you

Hello all,

I got the same interphone than @Pascal_Szitas and @Jay64.
Is there a solution ?

Thank you

Anyone have a solution for Tonna interphone ?

j’ai le même problème sur 2 fils Tonna.
quelqu’un a une la solution pour le branchement du Nuki opener?


Pour configurer l’Opener avec un interphone Tonna il faut sélectionner dans la liste la marque Elcom et le modèle HAT-402.