Opener: compatiblity with bticino 344522 (V12E)?


I am fairly new to the community and I just moved to a new flat with a bticino 344522 installed. Compatiblity check (when searching vor V12E) is ok, however the installation guide in app does not provide information how to wire correctly.

Can anybody help me out here?

thank you, Fabian

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-29 at 12.43.38 (1)|375x500
WhatsApp Image 2020-09-29 at 12.43.38|375x500

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Hi @Fabian89, have you been able to get it to work? I have the same intercom and would really like to use the Nuki opener

my model is BT-344522 17W04 070 so slightly different, don’t know if that would cause an issue.

Where did you find V12E on your system for compatibility check?

I would also need a guide for this model. Following that proposal from the app I have no positive feedback

I bought the opener and was perfectly able to install it. You have to use the 2 wires from ‘bus’ slot, and if you mix up + and - it is no problem, as the nuki app will notice this and suggest another implementation (the reverse)
Works like a charm for me (I just followed the steps suggested in the app)

could you send me the picture of how you put the wires? I can’t in any way

A picture of the current wires I cannot take, as I have it already installed back at the wall, but this is the picture taken beforehand

I only disconnected the blue and red wire and followed the instructions on the app and this worked for me

Thanks for the reply. I only have two dark colored wires connected to the HUB, so when I follow the step in the application, I don’t solve anything

I was unable in any way to install the Opener on the intercom. If anyone could and would be kind enough to send a picture of how he set up the cables, I would appreciate it. :frowning:


while looking for instructions on how to install it, I came across this thread here. I have now managed to install the opener so that everything works except the ring suppression.
I configured the opener according to the instructions at (BUS systems) for my bticino 344522. In the app I selected Generic–>BUS (Bticino) as the intercom system during the installation. With this, the notifications when someone rings, ring-to-open, open via app and also the opener sounds work. Only the ring suppression does not work.