Opener: Circuit diagram and/or clamping required

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Support forwarded me to here.
I need to know which electrical signals are resources by the Opener on the terminals yellow, green and black.


Get the Opener to work as intended


Support forwarded me to here.
I have an external doorbell and Opener continuously detects a bell ring in any writing configuration. Even if I only connect yellow, I get a ring detected every around 20 seconds. Is like to know why this is the case


Find the correct circuitry to get Opener work as intended with an external doorbell connected it find

@MatthiasK could you probably help me and provide a circuit diagram?

@ChristianB Does this help you? (You’ll find diagrams in the linked document)

Unfortunately not.
I need to know which voltages are expected. I have an external doorbell connected and the Opener keeps detecting ringing continuously.
Trying to figure out why and how to prevent that. Support forwarded me the this forum here…

@MatthiasK could you please provide me a circuit diagram or wiring specification which documents the excepted input currents?

Buenas, soy nuevo por aqui
Dispongo de un Fermax pero soy incapaz de saber el modelo. En la placa pone esta numeracion 106CI07F
Adjuntare unas fotos del exterior y del interior, por si alguien me puede ayudar.

Me encantaría conectarlo al Opener


@MatthiasK meanwhile I followed @Rose_Languste 's idea and put a resistor in between source and the Opener’s yellow wire.
But then, ringing the bell is not detected. On the other hand, falsely ringing is detected continuously, no matter if with or without the resistor continuously every ~40 seconds. Over a 2k2Ω resistor I measure a constant voltage of 1.5V, no matter if the bell is rang or not, nor if the Opener detects ringing or not.
So, I am wondering what I am doing wrong? How does the ring detection internally work? Why does it keep detecting a ring?

Hi! Sorry for the so late response, but I am a bit busy these days! What values had the resistors, you tried!?