Opener BTS 850-02 doesn’t work

I don’t know if I am right here.
I have following problem:

My intercom is Siedle BTS 850-02. When I put the cables like the app shows me, it says that “something went wrong” (or similar) with that big red X. And after that I should try again with other cable connections.

I tried both variants but both don’t work. When I put the cables like the suggested first way, the intercom it self doesn’t work. You can’t open door or switch lights on or mute it. It doesn’t work at all. For the second variant, the intercom it self works fine. Just the app always shows me that I can’t configue the opener because the connections aren’t correct.

I tried it at least 20 times today and I’m getting crazy with it. I build in many more openers on other intercom models but never faced any issue. This is the current connection before any Nuki cables:

Does anyone know any strategy or has a top how I can get this done?

Thanks in forward!