Opener - Bticino 344502 / 100 v12b

Good afternoon,

I got my new opener, i uodated to the last firmware and tried millions of connection to my Bticino 344502 (100 v12b), but i couldnt make it run.

I read all the topic but still no clue.

Can someone helpme ? Why the model is not on the list compatible intercom anymore?


Hi! What wiring schemes and configurations you tested so far?

I tried this one also but now when i connect my opener the intercom doesnt turn on . I need to unplug everything to make it work.

@Guglielmo_Pallavicin Did you ever get this to work, or did you find another solution? I have a Bticino 344502 and would like to use it with Nuki Opener (or similar)

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