Opener Bell Signal

With regards to the bell signal input.
I’m considering purchasing the opener, but want to make sure the bell feature will work with the opener.
What are the voltage ranges accepted to make the bell signal recognised by the opener? How long will the bell need to be pressed for to make the opener recognise the bell?

I was informed by Nuki email support that if the voltage is AC it need to be stable and not drop.
My system is a old analogue system that uses AC.
The handset is a Golmar T-710R which is a compatible handset.

I will be interested in everyone’s experience with this. Thanks

Hello! Do you have a separate bell? Because than you have to wire it directly, for the ring functions to work.

Hi Rose, the bell is built into the handset. The far right wire on the terminal block is the bell wire. I’ve quickly tested the voltage from this wire, but the AC voltage read quickly and didn’t seem constant. I’ll need to retest with a longer hold on the bell to see what happens.

Should be no problem, - then you have to take this far right wire out, put it together with the yellow opener wire into the opener clamp, and the green opener wire in the block where you taken out the wire before (far right). The system is, call signal goes over the yellow wire in the opener, and over the green opener wire to the intercom? In my experience, a voltage not constant is no issue for analogue intercoms, there is just important that it is high enough to trigger the opener, but of course not to high. And what I remember, the bell line should be not more than 2A, and triggering is about 500mah.

Yes, I researched this is how I need to connect it up. The specs actually say 500mA is the maximum current that the bell input can take when using the suppression mode with the clamp.
2A is the max current for the unlocking relay on the opener.
I just read that people are having intermittent issues with the bell not being detected at times.

Yeah, bell detection not working is mostly on bus systems, because the opener have to learn a specific signal, but on analogue just the power is important, in my experience.

That makes more sense. The Bus systems have a digital signal it needs to learn. The analogue systems like mine keep power to the bell output as long as the button is pressed.

Here is a video of the AC voltage when I ring the bell. I pressed the bell twice. The ringing indicates when my finger is on the bell.

How does this look? Will this work?

This looks very good, I am very sure, this will work!

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