Opener Auto Unlock without bell press

I want to add a nuki opener to my front gate. A simple affair with just a solenoid to activate. My question is can I set up Auto Unlock in the same way as I have it set with the smart lock on my front door with geo fence and Bluetooth so it opens as I approach with no further input from me.
Ring to open is no use as I have no bell to ring.


Best answer ever😂
I tried webchat and they said no but I guessed they were just checking the internet for info and I’d already tried that without success.
So is there a setting in the app similar to my door lock that allows me to set the Auto Unlock without ring? It’s a pity I can’t look at the settings of a dummy device pre purchase to make sure it does what I want.
I already looked at a few videos which explain the hardware side in terms of the two wires required but couldn’t find any software setup ones.
I hoped it would be yes else it would have no more functionality for my circumstances than a 10€ sonoff!

If you set up the Opener in “other door” mode it is basically like a Smart Lock that actuates a relay instead of a motor (and only supports “open” as command which closes the relay for a few seconds and then opens it again).

You can connect Nuki App, Keypad 1/2, Bridge, Fob, Nuki Web … to it. What you actuate with the relay is up to you (gate, garage door, …)