Opener as gate opener ( 36V DC)


I already had a first opener that triggers my main property gate ( 24V trigger ), this one is wired in // to the manual open button of the analog intercom and works like a charm.

I just bought a new one and wanted to manage my Garage door. This one uses a 36V DC trigger.

Give, that it’s below the 50V and just a command signal w/o power I supposed it was going to work the same way.

In fact it doesn’t work and more than that, the analog button also doesn’t work anymore.

The reason is the following : when measuring the voltage between blue and purple, I read more that 36V, just as is the opener was adding its own voltage to the output. This screws up everything. If wired the other way around, exchanging purple and blue, then the voltage is lower than 36V by the same amount. This is WITHOUT triggering the opening (so with a theoretically opened contact, so 0 amps).

For me, it seems the device is defective and has an internal isolation problem. Your support said “this is normal, your door isn’t compatible, please contact developers on forum”

Such an answer isn’t OK without further explanations, as voltage is below the max spec and there is no reason given for the strange behavior. I will issue a return but wanted to have your point first.

Of course, opener is configured for an electric door (did redo the configuration 3 times)

Thanks for your reply.


Documentation in APP says < 50V, is there something wrong with that ? Is this limitation lower with DC ? In that case a solution would be to have an external relay driven in 5V.

Please answer

Hi Francois_VII,

can you draw a schematic briefly of send a photo of the cabeling. It will help to understand better.
best regards

Gate HOT. ------- Switch 1 HOT (external key) ----- Switch 2 HOT (internal button) ----- opener blue
Gate COLD ------ Switch 1 COLD (external key) ----- Switch 2 COLD (internal button) ----- opener purple

To summarize : opener cabled in // with switch

And unplugging the switches doesn’t change anything

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Hello @Marcel_Urban … any answer ?

I 'm sorry I will have to fully reconsider using Nuki in the future due to the poor support when products do not behave as advertised. This is so sad for such a nice product.

Anyway, a free suggestion :slight_smile: : it should be possible to pair a door sensor with an opener : very handy for a garage door that you want to check closed! Today it’s only possible with the smart lock.

Sending back everything, and that’s sad because:

  • either the online install doc is wrong (<50V / 2A) and then the real DC limit would help building an intermediate device (relay powered by 5V charger)
  • either the device has an issue and then I should have returned it a long time ago