Opener as a open/close contact

Good morning, I am writing to you with a very important request. I need to use nuki opener like any ON / OFF switch: I need it to open/close a circuit.

Now I use the opener in “Other Door” mode but the problem with this functionality is that it always keeps the circuit closed and opens it for a max of 30s when I click open. I would like to open/close from the app when I decide.

I wanted to ask you if you can also advise me on an alternative configuration of an intercom that opens/closes the contact when continuous mode is activated/closed… Please, I really need this functionality.

This is not supported by the Opener, because traditional electric strikes get corrupt when they are permanently powered.

If you want to use the Opener in a “toggel” mode, you could try to solve it by placing a toggle relay inbetween the Opener an the target circuit. In this way the Opener could be used to toggle between open and closed states.

I need a “toggle relay” that can work without alimentation… is possible? Can you suggest me one?

I need to open close the two morset on my intercom that active the auto-open door system… on Elvox 45452