Opener and users with access from distance

Hi all,
I just managed to install my Nuki Opener with my Ritto device. I have some questions:

  1. I gave access to a friend to open my house door downstairs. But I did not give him rights to have access from distance (remote access). I thought that he would then not be able to open my door, when he is not near my house. But he has all the time access to it, also when he is many kilometers away. What is the remote access switch for?
  2. I would like to receive notifications when someone rings my door bell or opens the door. I see all entries in the protocoll, but I never receive push notifications from the app. But I receive these from the smartlock. Why does the opener not send any notifications?

Thanks for some explanations.

For 1 I can’t say, but for 2, there are the notifications option in the nuki app - opener - settings - administration - Notifications, where you can set this! See screenshot!