Opener and Urmet Artico 1705/955, 5 wires analog video system

I bought Opener and found out that “Urmet Artico” or “Urmet 1705 Artico” (both supported) is not the same as Artico 1705/955, so now I am trying to figure out how to connect Opener so it would work. I have tried to use Generic Analogue approach, but without success, because I do not know how to connect the “Open” (Blue) wire from Nuki. Available pins in my intercom are (highlighted in yellow):


If I want to map this to Nuki Opener I would do following (NOT sure if it is correct):

  • Green wire from Opener to CA pin
  • Purple and Black wire from opener to R1
  • Blue wire from Opener: There is no »Open door« pin! Where to connect this wire?

Additional question that comes from Urmet support: Does Nuki Opener even support 5 wire analogue systems?

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards, Gregor.