Opener and Urmet 1705/90


I have Urmet 1705/90 video door phone and trying to find is there instructions on installation I can look at before buying the Opener?

I have attached the image below and advice would be appreciated.


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Looks analogue, so no issue! Ca is the call wire, this would be for ring detection, and you have now just to find the 2 wires for gnd and opening (buzzer), I am really sure gnd is 6, so you just have to find the one opening (buzzer) wire!


Please see if this image helps you.

I recently purchased the Opener and installed it on my Urmet 1705/90, believing it was compatible, but it is only partially so: the Ring to Open function does not work. I connected the yellow wire to the CA terminal, the purple wire to terminal 6, and the blue wire to terminal 9. Through the app, I can remotely open the entrance gate, but I do not receive a notification when someone rings the doorbell, which would allow me to open it remotely. How can I solve this problem?