Opener and Bitron Video AV1407/010 in 1+n configuration


I recently bought a Nuki Opener and I installed it on my intercom : Bitron Video 1407/010.
It is wired in 1+n configuration :

I connected the opener cables like described below :

  • black and purple on 1
  • blue on OP (the one bridged with 2)
  • green on APP or in 2

The opener is able to open the door but it seems that it doesn’nt detect the ring.

To give you more details, I have a weird installation :
I have a separate ring buzzer which rings either when we push the button on the intercom street panel or when we push a button which is beside the door of my appartment.

I don’t really understand how this separate ring buzzer is connected to the intercom.
I opened the separate buzzer and there is only one wire coming which is looking very old and doesn’t look like an intercom wire.
I also opened the intercom street panel. I did’t understand all connections but I saw that the wire connected to my intercom button is purple and it is the same color than the one which is connected to the pin 2 in my handset.

Thank you

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Same configuration and I have the exact same issue. Did you manage to fix it?

So I finally managed to make it work!

The specificity of my installation is that it has a separate buzzer, which is connected to the circuit board by 2 cables. This connection is labeled RONFL on the circuit. So the only thing I had to do is to connect its positive cable to Nuki’s yellow cable.

For anyone who would have the same installation, just don’t forget you need to press on the part where the handset is supposed to rest when testing. If not, the buzzer doesn’t activate.

The only thing missing now is ring suppression which would be super nice, but I have no idea how to achieve it. I tried clamping the + line of the buzzer together with the yellow cable, but nothing happens.