Open with the latch option in Google Home

Hello guys I have a question with the Google Home integration.

My door opens with the latch option, since i dont have handles, just the key (where the Nuki Pro is).
If I ask google to Open the door it will only unlock it and not open with the use of the latch.

This would be useful since I wanted to open the door for someone waiting outside, and since there is no handle on the door, the integration becomes useless to me.

Am I missing something or is it possible to use this with Google Home?


I don’t think opening a door is an option with Google Home, because it would be possible to yell at it from the outside, which is a security issue. You could probably make it happen through Home Assistant.

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That is a good point I didn’t think about. :sweat_smile:
I’ll try with home assistant to see how it handles.

Thanks a lot for your reply!

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