Open with Google without pin!?

Know anyone if it’s possible to unlock a door with Google home without the pin every time? Or when having two locks, it want two times the code for opening, - is there a possibility to just have to say it one time? Thanks!

Did you have a look to IFTTT?

I think you could do it using this.

Yes I have ifttt, and use it with locks and opener, but that I have not think!? Will try! Many Thanks!

I think you can add a routine for this in the Google Home app:
“Unlock door” → “Unlock door with code 1234”

It should be possible to chain the commands as well but I haven’t tried it:
“Unlock all doors” → “Unlock entrance door with code 1234 and unlock front door with code 1234”

Thanks, but tried this already, and doesn’t work.

This definitely worked when I tried it a year ago, so I tried again.

The command that seems to work is “Unlock front door and 1234”.

However, it didn’t work with my original PIN but for some reason with “1234”. To change the PIN, I had to unlink and re-link Nuki in the Google Home app (the PIN can be set on the auth screen).

EDIT: Other PINs are also working, just not my original one.

That sounds very interesting, I will try again, very thanks!

I just figured out that it’s even easier to do it like that with a routine. Also, having the code separate instead of using “and” seems to be necessary to be able to chain together two unlock actions in the same routine.

EDIT: That unfortunately only seems to work when the keyboard and not voice was used as an input method for the previous interaction with the Assistant. So the only way for this to work reliably at least on a phone is to switch the preferred Assistant input method to keyboard. However, this won’t work on any other voice activated devices.

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This doesnt work with voice, too bad. Good idea thou.

Found a way, but not sure if to write this down, because this can be a security issue when not handled with much caution!?! Google/Alexa dont asks for pin and opening of nuki locks or opener anymore, and unlocking will be executed!

Any Chance you share the way you figured out?
I think there is also a security issue if I say my pin loud every time I open the door.

Of course, but I will send it to you per pm later, when I have more time! And very cool is, with this way, you can also execute any voice command you give to Google on alexa, for example, - I have a ring door cam what is not compatible with Google home, and so for normally I cant control it with Google, but with this way I can say to Google home “show me the front door” and this command will be executed on alexa, and I get the front door picture! To now there was only a very complicated way to make a skill to achieve this, but here its very easy! And here you have 3-commands free, - if you need more, you have to pay about 5€ per year to a applet developer (ifttt), but you get unlimited commands then!

Hi, can you please share the solution at least as a private message ?


Could you please share the solution ?

If you can, it would help me too, thanks

Couple things here. Don’t be a douchebag Ross and just post your fix. Nukor thanks for this information, it helped greatly. If you use this option with location trigger it works perfectly without any interaction.

This has nothing to do with being a douchebag, but first, this was a workaround, what can be a big security threat, when not handled with caution, and secondly, I wrote extra a hole new thread, where I explained, that this workaround is not possible anymore, because Google and Alexa has cancelled the ifttt integration, so again, this doesn’t work anymore! - In the meantime, I found a new way, what works well, but is more complicated, and you need more instances to do it, but still I wrote the main information, in this new thread, - you have just to search for unlocking without pin, and you will easily find it, or look into the timeline, for new threads in the discussion-section, where you also will easily find it, because it is not long, since I wrote it! So please look and inform better, before insulting me here! And it’s Rose, not Ross!

Hi Pose,

Sorry for calling you a name. But you could see how it could be frustrating to others when you ask a question, find the answer, and then refuse to post it? Anyhow I got this working, but would like to add another IF statement to ensure this doesn’t run if location glitches.


Ok I understand, and normally I would have wrote the tutorial for it right away, but really had concerns about the security in this case.
How have you done it?

I’m in the same boat as you. I used to use with IFTTT. But it seems my smart devices have canceled integration with IFTTT. It works with Google homes routines and Nukors method. Just would like to add another trigger, like when connecting to the car’s Bluetooth. Still trying to figure this out.